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Milisa Schulz, BS

Milisa brings a consultant's level of professionalism to every project she takes on. She is dedicated to satisfying client needs by leveraging her full complement of financial, analytical and management experience, along with technical expertise.

As a Senior Financial Operations Manager, Milisa managed all facets of post-sales activity in a high-volume business. Throughout her career, Milisa has been instrumental in successfully implementing inventory and financial solutions to various companies in consumer products, healthcare, transportation, automotive and other industries. Milisa is well versed in all facets of the product life-cycle but enjoys working with the day to day business needs and optimizing accounts receivable, accounts payable, credit, treasury, reporting and reconciliation areas to improve efficiencies for her clients.

In addition to her consulting and management work, Milisa has been a full-service bookkeeper for a variety of clients, including a retail store, trucking firm and an educational service company.

Milisa holds a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration (major in Finance) from the University of Iowa.

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