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Nicole Dame, BS

Nicole worked for 5 years as a bookkeeper for a realty company. She started out at that company helping from an IT perspective and quickly became interested in the bookkeeping aspects of the job. Prior to that she worked as a computer programmer and software architect for the pharmacy data warehouse at CVS Pharmacy. Before joining CVS corporate, she was a pharmacy technician in the stores and was hired to work on a special project that's focus was to help pharmacy operations run more smoothly and efficiently. One of the highlights working for CVS was spearheading a project working with Blue Cross & Blue Shield of RI to create a beta program that would allow customers could opt into to have their monthly maintenance prescriptions automatically re-filled. She designed the auto refill program and how it would work, wrote the initial code in an access database and started out with a handful of medications. It was tested in a few local stores and now it is a nationwide CVS program.

She has a passion for physical fitness and nutrition and is also a nationally certified personal trainer. Nicole has her Bachelor of Science from Rhode Island College with a major in Computer Information Systems and minor in Business Management.

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