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Paul Gomes

Paul's expertise in online ecosystems and billing platforms makes him an invaluable contributor to business' performance and operations. A technical professional who is passionate about customer service, he has superb troubleshooting and problem-solving skills as well as a knack for communicating highly technical processes to users at all skill levels.

Prior to joining Supporting Strategies, Paul advanced to leadership roles at a business and financial software company. As Senior Service and Support Specialist, he oversaw video production and website maintenance for a monthly customer-facing webinar, assigned staff to resolve customer service issues and represented the business at key events.

As a Technician and Supervisor for Earth terminal satellite communications in the U.S. Army, Paul earned recognition for his expertise and exemplary performance. He operated a strategic satellite communications system, interpreted system faults, coordinated troubleshooting, trained and supervised staff, tested and implemented equipment and enforced safety programs and procedures.

Paul graduated from Bucksport High School in Maine and has earned numerous educational certificates, including in Primary Leader Development and Advanced Satellite Communications.

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