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Traci Middendorf , MS

With her varied experiences as an independent contractor, company owner, manager and accountant, Traci has a thorough understanding of the financial aspects of running a business. She is skilled at communicating effectively and prioritizing a company's best interests in financial dealings.

Traci joined Supporting Strategies after working as an Independent Contractor who provided accounting services to multiple clients in different industries. Before that, she was a Controller at a commercial flooring contractor, where her accomplishments included implementing accounting/job-cost software packages and automated field-labor timekeeping. The resulting increase in efficiencies helped double the company's sales, enabling it to purchase a larger facility.

Earlier in her career, Traci owned and managed a construction company, which she successfully positioned for sale. She also worked as a Staff Accountant, specializing in preparing tax returns and conducting low-income housing compliance audits, and as an Assistant to the Finance Director at a mental health and substance-abuse agency.

Traci holds a Master of Science in Finance and a Bachelor of Accountancy from Walsh College.

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