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Accounting Services 101 | Top Ten Small Business Blogs of 2015


Accounting Services 101 | Top Ten Small Business Blogs of 2015


Pete-Denholm-for-web-square.jpgThe business world is best navigated with a mentor. While it’s important to learn how to follow your inner compass, having a network of advice givers and sounding boards is always a boon to an entrepreneur. I suggest that small business owners make mentors wherever they can find. This can be your father, mother, accounting services provider, or even a beloved podcaster.

Speaking for myself, nothing gets me so motivated to start my morning workout routine as knowing I can pop in my headphones and listen in to Chris Drucker’s podcast “YOUPRENEUR.” I always finish my workout with fresh insights for my clients as well as for myself to be applied in my practice of accounting services. I love his openness and frank attitude when he gives advice to entrepreneurs – especially when that’s exactly what so many business owners are looking for.

As a provider of accounting services, many of my clients are business owners hungry for tips, news and wisdom. I’m quick to recommend Drucker’s podcast itself, but also the selections from his annual list of the “Top 10 Best Small Business Blogs for Entrepreneurs.

Here are a few of his notable 2015 picks:

1. Chris Brogan’s Blog
Chris Brogan is the only repeat appearance from Drucker’s 2014 list, which isn’t surprising. His blog’s sensible, inspiring and human approach to business is a great read for any business owner.

2. Smart Passive Income
If the title hasn’t convinced you already, check out Pat’s blog where he shares tips from his years spent as “the crash test dummy of online business.” He’s a self-proclaimed expert (from hard won experience) on “what works and what doesn’t” and delivers up usable tips on how to make your business work for you.

3. Amy Porterfield
Anyone navigating the changing world of social media marketing should turn to Amy Porterfield’s blog for guidance. With entries about building a successful webinar and creating more finely targeted ads for Facebook, she’s a number one source of wisdom on online marketing strategy.

4. Duct Tape Marketing
John Jantsch, creator of the “Duct Tape Marketing System,” has been dubbed “the world’s most practical small business expert.” His approach is simple and clear and his goal is to dispel the notion that marketing strategy is a labyrinth too complex for us mere mortals to navigate. Check out his blog for no-nonsense advice on how to tell your company’s story, create content and market yourself more successfully.

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