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6 Information Security Tips for Your Small Business

November 16, 2017 / by Jay Bloom posted in Bergen County, NJ


At Supporting Strategies, we're committed to staying on the front lines in the fight against hackers. We encourage small businesses to do likewise, and there's no shortage of advice available on the web when it comes to installing the latest antivirus software.

But it's a mistake to assume that simply installing antivirus software ensures your small business' information security system is impregnable. No software can safeguard against the greatest threat: human error. You and your employees must remain ever vigilant. Here are six tips to help.

1. Be Sure Every Computer Is Secured
This applies on two levels. First, all computers — desktops, laptops, tablets — must be physically secure with a lock or some other device. On that note, employees should never leave a laptop or tablet unattended in a car, hotel room, airport lounge or anywhere else, no matter for how short a time period.

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Staying in Business When Your Business Is Interrupted

October 31, 2017 / by Jay Bloom posted in Bergen County, NJ


Supporting Strategies has addressed the importance of disaster readiness for small businesses in recent posts by Pete Denholm, Managing Director of Supporting Strategies | Northeast Florida and Andy Hale, Managing Director of Supporting Strategies | Austin and Dallas. But it's important for business owners to understand that it doesn't necessarily take a widespread natural disaster to shut a company down.

Unfortunately, even a small, localized event can have disastrous consequences. In fact, small disasters can be even more devastating because, unlike major hurricanes, they often happen without warning.

A Flood from Above
Let's say a pipe bursts on an upper floor in your building over the weekend and water leaks down to your ground-level office. The damage is significant enough to shut your physical place of business down for a week or two. How will you stay up and running while your office is closed?
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