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Stop Operating by Feel: Why Knowing Your Numbers Is Critical

December 15, 2020 / by Mike Gammarino, Bluprint Partners posted in Santa Monica, Los Angeles, Ventura County


Note: This blog first appeared on the Bluprint Partners website.

Success in ecommerce or consumer packaged goods requires a great product, a focus on people, process and technology — and bookkeeping on the back end.

One of my favorite reality shows on TV has it all …

Intrigue! Drama! Mystery! Cliffhangers! Joy! Heartbreak!

No, I'm not talking about "The Bachelor." I'm talking about "Shark Tank."

Keeping Your Head Above Water
"Shark Tank" not only is one of the most entertaining 41 DVR'd minutes on TV, but also teaches you about business, finance, invention, pricing, sales, negotiation, winning, losing and perseverance. And if there's one thing entrepreneurs on the show must know, above all else, it's THEIR NUMBERS. Don't know your margins or sales or costs? This is, without question, the quickest way to be eaten alive in the Tank.

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