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Be Careful with Those Not-For-Profit Allocations

December 6, 2016 / by Sandra Bowman posted in Santa Monica, Los Angeles, Ventura County, Bookkeeping 101, Nonprofits


One of the stickiest aspects of accounting for not-for-profit (NFP) entities involves allocations — how these entities account for where they spend the funds they receive.

For-profit businesses don't have to worry about this too much. If you have a pizza parlor, it doesn't matter if you use the profits from your pizza sales to pay the rent and the profits from your soda sales to pay the utilities (or vice versa). The customers don't care what you do with their money, as long as they get their pizza and their drinks.

It's not so simple at an NFP entity.

How You Got the Money Can Determine Where You Spend It
Many NFP entities receive funds that are earmarked for specific purposes. For example, let's say an organization receives a grant expressly to provide wheelchairs for the physically challenged. The organization can't use that funding to sponsor an event instead. They have to spend it on wheelchairs — and they need documentation to prove they did. (This is called "direct identification.")

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Streamlining your Financial Document Sharing With

July 15, 2016 / by Sandra Bowman posted in Santa Monica, Los Angeles, Bookkeeping 101

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As a bookkeeping services provider, I often work remotely with my clients. This means that I’m always on the lookout for ways to improve and streamline remote communication. has quickly become one of my favorite tools for sharing and managing documents. Hubdoc is a cloud-based document management platform that has changed the way I share information and work with my clients. Here are four reasons you should check it out:

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