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Bookkeeping Services 101:  Speeding Up and Staying Organized with Customer Management


Bookkeeping Services 101:  Speeding Up and Staying Organized with Customer Management


christi-todd-for-web-square.jpgAs a bookkeeping services professional, I’m always looking for that balance between streamlining processes and keeping good controls.  Being highly efficient and accurate is the name of the game when it comes to bookkeeping services – and you don’t want one to come at the expense of the other.  If you’re like me and looking for ways to optimize your bookkeeping efficiency without losing that attention to detail, here are some great tips from a great book, Just-In-Time Accounting, by Steven Bragg:

1.  Preapprove Customer Credit: This is a simple way to be proactive and efficient.  Have your credit team review the credit of potential customers before your sales team ever makes the first call.  This way, by the time that call is made, the customer already has an assigned credit rating.

2. Review Your Customers’ Credit More Than Once: I recommend doing this two or three times a year.  Your customers' financial situation may be in flux – and you’ll avert potential issues if you keep an eye on their credit and stay ready to eliminate credit if need be.

3.  Don’t Delay Your Invoicing: I’ll never understand why so many professionals who deliver their products and services with such great consistency and efficiency are so disorganized when it comes to invoicing.  This is your moment to get paid!  And no one is going to remind you to do it but you.  That’s why you should deliver the invoice at the same time the product is delivered and just get it over and done with right away.  Make this part of your product delivery protocol.

4.  Call on Your Customers' AP Departments: Now that you’ve sent your invoice, don’t forget about it.  Make a follow-up call to the AP department as part of your routine to make sure that the invoice has been received and approved.

5.  Match Payments Against Accounts Receivable…Now:  Like invoicing, updating your Accounts Receivable is best to do at one specific time: right away!  If you just got a payment, match in A/R right now.  Don’t delay!

6. Forgo Sending Those Month-End Statements: this takes up valuable time, which would be better spent making collection calls.

Of course, there are countless strategies that bookkeeping services professionals use to streamline business-as-usual.  Those are just some of my favorites, but you should consult with your own bookkeeping services team to hear theirs.

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Christi Todd


Christi Todd

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