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Case Study: Becoming a CPA's Trusted Partner


Case Study: Becoming a CPA's Trusted Partner


SPS_MKTG_Case-Study_Moody-Famiglietti-&-Andronico-1-1.jpgBoston-area CPA firm Moody, Famiglietti & Andronico (MFA) found a bookkeeping resource they can trust in Supporting Strategies.

The Need for Consistent Bookkeeping
Moody, Famiglietti & Andronico (MFA), like many CPA firms, relies on clean, consistent, audit-ready financials from their clients. Working with books that are missing information can cause delays, unexpected work, and additional cost. One way to ensure consistency is to provide bookkeeping services directly to your clients. However, this may not make business sense for many CPA firms.

Referring your clients to a bookkeeping services provider is a great solution—if it’s a company you can trust.

Finding the Right Bookkeeping Service Provider
Recommending a bookkeeper to your clients comes with risks—if the bookkeeping services provider does inadequate work, it not only affects your workload, it can affect your reputation with your client.

"Your reputation is on the line each time you make a referral," says Travis Drouin, a partner at MFA who began referring clients to Supporting Strategies in 2006.

A Key Performance Indicator
Right away, Drouin knew he had found a reliable solution in Supporting Strategies. "They have standardized processes as well as people who care about ensuring they deliver their promised services," he says.

In addition, the records that Supporting Strategies provides are organized in a way that highlights critical information, including key performance indicators (KPIs). As Drouin explains, this enables MFA's clients to "make company decisions based on those KPIs. That's very meaningful."

After 11 years, Drouin remains sold on the value of outsourced bookkeeping services to his clients. "I simply don't have to worry when I make an introduction to Supporting Strategies," he says.

To learn more, download the MFA case study. 
Earle Durham


Earle Durham

Earle Durham, Managing Director, Supporting Strategies | Merrimack Valley, MA & Southern Maine, provides outsourced bookkeeping and controller services.

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