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Case Study: Bookkeeping Services Help a Franchise Avoid Fines and Focus on Strategy

August 16, 2018 / by Michael Oberther

SPS_MKTG_Case-Study_CMIT-Solutions-1In 2009 Steven Conyers acquired a CMIT (Completely Managed Information Technology) Solutions franchise in Brooklyn, New York.

Demand for his franchise’s services, which range from IT troubleshooting to data security upgrades, grew steadily. So did the demands on Conyers’ time. Desktop-based bookkeeping, which lacked real-time functionality or integration with his project management platform, was a particular drain. Supporting Strategies found a solution.

More Time — and No More Fines
Although he had an outside accountant, Conyers still had to input much of the bookkeeping information himself. He often fell behind, which proved costly. "Like most franchises, we have to report on a monthly basis," Conyers says. "I was reporting late, and the fines were costing me money."

Updating his outmoded bookkeeping platform was a primary goal that emerged from a high-level strategic review. "I needed to get out of the weeds and start pushing off things that I didn't need to do myself," Conyers says.

Outsourcing accomplished that. Supporting Strategies migrated Conyers’ bookkeeping system to the cloud and established a link with his project management platform. He no longer has to worry about his monthly reporting crunch — or the fines for filing late. Moreover, he can devote more time and energy to big-picture priorities. "You know that saying, 'Stop working in your business and start working on your business?'" he says. "Supporting Strategies has helped me to do that."

To learn more about how Supporting Strategies helped Steven Conyers solve his bookkeeping challenges and take his franchise to the next level, read the case study.

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Michael Oberther

Written by Michael Oberther