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Case Study: Flexible and Consistent Bookkeeping for a Franchise

May 28, 2020 / by Lynette DeRose

SPS_MKTG_Case-Study_Creative-Colors For Creative Colors International (CCI), one of the primary selling points for its franchises also created one of its biggest challenges.

The Illinois-based CCI, which specializes in repairing various types of furniture coverings, allows individual franchisees to tailor their offerings for their particular markets. For example, some franchisees contract exclusively with a single client for whom they work onsite, while others operate a mobile business with a variety of clients.

From a bookkeeping perspective, the result was a hodgepodge of reporting procedures that strained both franchisor and franchisees. Says CCI President and Co-Owner Mark J. Bollman, “For an owner/operator just starting out, doing the work all day and then coming home to a stack of invoices when they're tired hasn't been conducive to on-time reporting.”

A Bookkeeping Solution Designed for a Franchise
To help sort things out, Bollman turned to Lynette DeRose, Managing Director of Supporting Strategies | Chicago Southland. She developed a pilot bookkeeping program with a reporting structure that would be consistent across key categories, yet flexible enough to accommodate individual franchisees' pain points.

Another benefit of bringing Supporting Strategies onboard is that franchisees now have a bookkeeper that's just as committed to growing their businesses as they are. "Supporting Strategies is worried about [bookkeeping], so we don't have to be," says Jeff Boyer, a CCI franchisee who has five territories in the Dallas-Fort Worth area.

Consistent Bookkeeping Provides a Clear Path for Growth
The program has been so good, in fact, that Bollman sees consistent bookkeeping as a step in reaching the next level in his franchise business: “Where we’re headed,” he says, “is that when a new franchise comes onboard, bookkeeping will be just part of the turnkey package.” To learn more about how Supporting Strategies helped a franchise develop a flexible bookkeeping solution, read our case study.


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Lynette DeRose

Written by Lynette DeRose

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