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Case Study: Freeing Up Busy Software Startup to Focus on Growth


Case Study: Freeing Up Busy Software Startup to Focus on Growth


SPS_MKTG_Case-Study_Deziner-Software-470.jpgInvestment banker Mark Quigley founded Deziner Software in 2014 to help entrepreneurs land investors. He quickly realized that building his own successful business meant optimizing the use of his time, with the help of reliable partnerships. Enter Supporting Strategies.

Filling the Missing Link
Quigley is exceptionally talented at identifying the missing link in a startup's success story — and filling it. In 2014 he launched Deziner Software to help entrepreneurs create custom business plans and tailor proposals for potential investors.

As he built his business, Quigley grew active in networking circles, where he connected with members of the Supporting Strategies | Chicago Far West Suburbs leadership team. He took particular note of the Supporting Strategies outsourced bookkeeping model, knowing he'd soon be ready to reap the benefits of their services."That upfront due diligence is very important," Quigley says. "That's why you go to these networking events — to figure out who is going to be part of your back-office team."

Ready to Run With Supporting Strategies
As Deziner Software expanded, Quigley found his time spent on bookkeeping was adding up — time he knew would be better spent elsewhere.

"After a while the shoeboxes [filled with paperwork] start stacking up," he says. "Once you become a legal entity, with legitimate investors, you need to make sure all the bookkeeping gets done professionally and reliably."

Quigley needed professional partners who understood startups and could expand their services to support him as his business evolved. He reached out to Supporting Strategies, which seamlessly took on tasks from reconciling accounts to tracking payroll entries and expense reports.

"It was stress-free for me," Quigley says. "Most of the business we do right now is through credit cards, so it's a matter of gathering the data and inputting it into the QuickBooks system. I'm pretty good with numbers, but I prefer to spend my time building the business and focusing on new clients and new deals."

That focus paid off, and Quigley's success took off from there. He soon landed one of his company's largest clients in a major coup he attributes in part to his wise investment with Supporting Strategies.

To learn more about how Deziner Software built success with Supporting Strategies, download the case study.
Dawn Hershik


Dawn Hershik

Dawn Hershik, Managing Director, Supporting Strategies | Chicago Far West Suburbs, provides bookkeeping and controller services to growing businesses.

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