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Case Study: How Outsourcing Helped an Entrepreneur Stay on Mission


Case Study: How Outsourcing Helped an Entrepreneur Stay on Mission


Experience had taught Florida entrepreneur Jeff Davis that tackling too many responsibilities could lead to burnout. When he launched an executive networking startup in 2013, he identified one of his weak spots, bookkeeping, as a prime area for outsourcing.

Helping Others by Helping Himself
Having previously built and sold a successful business, Davis knew how valuable it is to be able to meet regularly with other entrepreneurs. That inspired his next business: Plan the Attack/12 Mavens. The idea was to sell memberships to a think tank in which Jacksonville-area business leaders would gather periodically at high-end locations to exchange ideas and map strategies.

In order to laser-focus on developing and marketing his Plan the Attack/12 Mavens concept, Davis decided to outsource responsibilities that he struggled with. And he knew where to start. A self-described "accounting train wreck," Davis turned to Supporting Strategies | North Florida. "I had a bookkeeper before we even had our first member," he says.

Visualizing Success
Supporting Strategies has not only relieved Davis of bookkeeping responsibilities, but has also provided insights into his growing business that he wouldn't have had otherwise. Supporting Strategies enables Davis to review his key performance indicators and other trends at a glance. "If you can show me something in a chart or a graph," Davis says, "that's much better than if I have to read financial documents."

So far the charts and graphs show everything headed in a positive direction. Davis is exploring the idea of franchising his business, and he has already spun off companion initiatives. One, called Operation Time Freedom, is designed to help executives devote more time to their core mission by streamlining their operations. Says Davis, "I'm sure I'll be mentioning Supporting Strategies plenty of times in the course."

To learn more about how an entrepreneur created a successful business with the help of Supporting Strategies, download the case study.

Pete Denholm


Pete Denholm

Managing Director Pete Denholm, Supporting Strategies | Northeast Florida, provides bookkeeping and controller services to growing businesses.

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