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Case Study: Outsourced Bookkeeping for Online Ad Sales Tech Company


With his company generating 50,000 transactions a month, this internet entrepreneur relies on Supporting Strategies for bookkeeping and controller services.

Todd Garland was working as a front-end engineer when he created a couple of design-oriented websites on the side. Frustrated with negotiating complicated online ad sales for his sites, he launched his own company, BuySellAds (BSA), to simplify the process.

The result, according to the website Foundora, was "a game changer in online banner advertising," with Garland serving as matchmaker between advertisers and website publishers whose content is a good fit for the advertiser's product.

Finding a Bookkeeper to Count On
Having his new business take off was good news, of course. The bad news? "I realized I needed to do my taxes," Garland says. He had created a custom system for logging transactions — the advertiser and the publisher each maintain a cash balance, with BSA receiving a cut of each transaction — but it wasn't designed for bookkeeping purposes. Garland needed someone who could translate the information into a form that his accountant could use for filing taxes.

With neither the time nor the inclination to do the job himself, Garland decided to outsource that responsibility. A referral led him to Supporting Strategies.

Still Going Strong
That was more than a decade ago — and Supporting Strategies is still instrumental in helping BSA prepare for tax time. "They interface with our accountants for any sort of audits or accounting reviews that we've done," Garland says. "They've done an incredible amount of work to make sure that people understand all of our finances."

No easy task, with BSA now conducting some 50,000 transactions a month. Supporting Strategies accesses their custom tracking system remotely to conduct the monthly close, flagging variances, noting trends and proactively identifying missing or incomplete information.

"There's a reason I've been working with Supporting Strategies for over 10 years," Garland says. "They've been able to grow right along with us. The people on their team almost feel like an extension of our team. They're always reliable, and the suite of services they offer clients has expanded dramatically over time."

To learn more about how Supporting Strategies can team up with your business for long-term success, read the case study.

Leslie Jorgensen


Leslie Jorgensen

Leslie is founder and CEO of Supporting Strategies.

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