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Case Study: Overcoming Bookkeeping Challenges to Ace a DCAA Audit


Case Study: Overcoming Bookkeeping Challenges to Ace a DCAA Audit


SPS_MKTG_Case-Study_TeKONTROL-1Not even the best-run businesses are immune to Murphy's Law. Take TeKONTROL, Inc. (TKi). Over the course of three decades, this Florida-based company developed reliable bookkeeping systems for its global engineering support projects — difficult to do in the world of government contracts. Then it got hit with a one-two punch at the worst possible time.

First, the company's longtime bookkeeper retired. Then the vendor that provided TKi's enterprise resource planning (ERP) bookkeeping platform discontinued its support. Finally, the clincher: a pre-award audit from the Defense Contract Audit Agency (DCAA). "It was a crisis," recalls Tom Kornegay, the company's Chairman, CEO and Founder. "Believe me."

A Timely Bookkeeping Solution
A short-term bookkeeping hire, combined with the trial use of temperamental new ERP software, turned what should have been a bump in the road into a massive pothole. To get around it, Kornegay brought in his former bookkeeper to restore "ground-floor reference points." But he knew he also needed someone to quickly and decisively take charge of TKi's bookkeeping from there.

With experience in dealing with government contracts and DCAA auditors, Supporting Strategies | Orlando & Rochester was the perfect solution at the perfect time. After an initial meeting, Managing Director Jim Rice spoke the words Kornegay needed to hear: "We can solve your problem."

Delivering Over the Long Haul
Rice and his team not only managed to salvage files that had been totally corrupted, but also facilitated the transition to a new, affordable software system — "all while getting us through the DCAA audit with a passing grade," Kornegay marvels.

Better still, Supporting Strategies worked with TKi to structure a long-term solution to the company's evolving bookkeeping needs. Kornegay truly appreciates the Supporting Strategies method. "Their patience has been incredible," he says. "They've actually taken on more than I anticipated. And they're delivering."

To learn more about how Supporting Strategies can help businesses solve their bookkeeping challenges in both the near term and long term, read the case study.

Jim Rice


Jim Rice

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