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Cultivating Confidence: Three Steps That Build Business Success


Note: This blog first appeared on The Mindset Transformation Company website.

Self-belief is at the heart of every successful business leader. Guest blogger Cyrina Talbott, a business mindset coach, shares 3 tips to build confidence.

How often have you seen someone with incredible talent go unnoticed while someone with less talent succeeds? Why is that? Why can you have a brilliant business idea and solid plan to bring it to fruition, and still not get anywhere? What's missing?


That's often the only difference between success and failure. Confidence in your decisions. Confidence in your abilities. Confidence in yourself.

Believe in Yourself, and Others Will Follow
You don't have to be extroverted or beautiful to be successful. You don't have to start out rich. But you must believe in yourself. Believe that your idea is worthwhile. That your services are worthwhile. That your decisions are good.

No one does this perfectly. Many successful people doubt themselves at times. But they never give in to it. They keep going. They're confident enough to take action that moves them forward. For them, success becomes a habit.

Would you like to cultivate the self-confidence that can make success a habit? Here are three steps you can take, starting today:

1. Praise yourself. Here's the deal: You're a human. Humans need encouragement. You can get it from the outside by dancing around like a crazy person trying to please everyone else. Or you can generate it within. The first method is exhausting and unsustainable. The second is a little boring but terribly effective. Every day, add a time to your morning routine where you spend a few minutes thinking about things you do well. Wins you've had. Conversations and actions that you're proud of. Compliment yourself. Write it down or speak it aloud. This will train your brain to focus on how well you're doing — and this will fill the real need to be praised and encouraged.

Note: If someone says something that encourages you a ton, add that to the things you say to yourself regularly. Otherwise, you'll go perform for that person's praise and waste your time and energy. I've done that more times than I'd like to admit! We all have our flavor of praise we love. Learn yours.

2. Work on your self-worth. I don't know what this means for you. But I know you need to figure it out. It may mean working with someone like me. It may mean getting to the root of old beliefs that keep you feeling worthless and removing them. It may mean taking days off to read books and take naps. It may mean working with a shaman or breath coach or business coach, taking long bike rides or surfing. I believe you know what you need to do. If you feel bad about yourself, it's time to deal with your insecurities. This is the only thing that differentiates people who succeed from people who don't.

We all have issues to deal with. Those who succeed hire help to clear them up. I don't care how much there is, you can gain freedom from it. I know because that's what I do every day.

3. Trust your vision. Success is not a straight line. There are ups and downs. Translation: There are times your heart is ripped out and times you feel like you're the best that's ever been. That's normal. You're right where you need to be. Life is leading you, and you can't mess this up. You can't miss it. Your vision is there on purpose because you're supposed to get there. When you have a bad day, go back to step 1. If you have a bad season, go back to step 2.

You have your dream because you're supposed to accomplish it. That makes sense, right? You don't have the dream so you can spend years in frustrated pursuit of nothingness. So, as much as you can, enjoy the journey. Look around. Enjoy these people in your life. Enjoy your family. Your cat. Your dog. Your plants. Enjoy the view. Enjoy your wins. Enjoy what you're learning. Enjoying your life releases feel-good chemicals that make you more confident.

Three Steps Forward
Start taking those three steps today, and you'll find yourself making progress in no time. So praise yourself, work on your self-worth and trust your vision. Pretty soon, you'll realize you've reached a goal or two. You got this!

Rapid Transformational Therapist Cyrina Talbott is owner of The Mindset Transformation Company, which enables business owners to trade overwhelm for peace and confidence.

Cyrina Talbott


Cyrina Talbott

Rapid Transformational Therapist Cyrina Talbott is owner of The Mindset Transformation Company, which enables business owners to trade overwhelm for peace and confidence.

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