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Giglia Celebrates 5-Year Franchise Anniversary

August 6, 2020 / by Leslie Jorgensen

More and more technologically savvy financial professionals are building successful businesses with Supporting Strategies' cutting-edge franchise formula.

5-with-celebratory-ballons-and-giftsCheri Giglia, Managing Director of Supporting Strategies | North Shore Long Island, has achieved a significant milestone: five years at the helm of a successful outsourced bookkeeping services franchise.

"I can't believe it's been five years," says Giglia, who was the recipient of a Long Island Power Women in Business Award in 2018. "It's gone really fast. I've grown so much not only as a businesswoman, but also as a person."

According to Giglia, who previously held a series of financial executive positions in large corporations and technology startups, this is her first time owning and operating her own business. "To take everything I'd learned in my career and combine it with the Supporting Strategies model and be successful at it has been very rewarding," she says.

Ahead of Our Time
Since its launch in 2004, Supporting Strategies has followed a remote-work model — a model embraced by people like Cheri: technologically savvy financial professionals who were ready to think outside the box — and work outside a traditional office.

"Supporting Strategies was ahead of its time,"Giglia says. "It was a testament to the format that was set up that we didn't miss a beat with COVID. We were able to continue doing everything as normal. So when clients come to us and say, 'Help — we need to do everything remotely,' I just say, 'No problem. We already do.'

"My existing clients have seen what it really means to be paperless and operating in a cloud-based environment. When the pandemic hit, they were so thankful that we set up that route for them."

A Happy Homecoming
Although she's a Long Island native, Cheri essentially had to start from scratch when building her Supporting Strategies franchise because she had spent much of her career in London. "I'm thankful for all the relationships I've built over the last five years," says Giglia, who now has nine team members on her staff. "Not just among my network of business associates, but also with people in the community. I try to be generous with my time and give back whenever I can."

Giglia is a Director and Treasurer of the Accountant/Attorney Networking Group and an active member of Business Impact Group. She enjoys networking with the Long Island business community.

Here's to Five More Years (at Least)
Topping the list of the many people Giglia wants to thank for helping her build a successful Supporting Strategies franchise is Steve Schultz, our Chief Evangelist & VP of Franchise Development. "The no. 1 thing Steve taught me five years ago was, 'Be good to people,'" Giglia says. "And that's what I've always tried to do."

So far, so good — for Giglia and her clients.

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Leslie Jorgensen

Written by Leslie Jorgensen

Leslie is founder and CEO of Supporting Strategies.