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Give Thanks to (and for) Your Clients


Give Thanks to (and for) Your Clients


Give ThanksThanksgiving is a good time to pause and reflect on what matters in our lives: our family, friends and freedoms, our good fortune and good health.

It's also a good time to acknowledge something else that's essential to our sense of well-being — something that some small-business owners may take for granted: our clients.

Gratitude Is an Attitude
Do you remember when you landed your first customer or client? Remember how special that moment was? Your goal of running a business was no longer an abstract dream. It was real — and all because that first client had faith in your ability.

Remember how grateful you were? You vowed to reward that vote of confidence. Your goal wasn't merely to satisfy your client, but to delight them.

That should still be your goal today with every client. Delighting clients isn't just good for the soul; it's good for business. And it can lead to more business.

See Yourself as Your Clients Do
Client delight is also key to customer retention — and it's easy to understand why.

Think of your own experiences as a client. Have you ever had a service provider who offered deep discounts to new customers while continuing to charge loyal customers like you the going rate? How did that make you feel? It’s safe to assume that you felt less than delighted.

Don’t count on customers keeping their dissatisfaction to themselves. With the prevalence of social media, customer feedback is now an open book.

Take this opportunity to peruse your company's social media accounts and monitor mentions of your company on customer review sites. Even if your customers have been delighted in the past, don’t assume that they are today — standards and expectations evolve.

There is no need to wait for reviews — check in with your customers directly using one of the many methods available for measuring customer delight.

Create a Delightful Culture
It's not enough for you to delight your clients. All of your employees must buy into the same approach. At Supporting Strategies, we value a company-wide culture of customer delight highly enough that we've enumerated a list of best practices. Here's one: recommending other trustworthy providers that might be of service to a client. It costs nothing, and giving your customers more value than they paid for is one of the easiest ways to delight them.

Implement a plan to have all of your employees focus on client delight, and by this time next year, you'll have something else to be thankful for: a growing list of clients who are spreading the word about you to their clients.
Erica Mitchell


Erica Mitchell

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