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How to Ensure Good Client Communication When Working Remotely


How to Ensure Good Client Communication When Working Remotely


Laura-Conner-for-web.pngIn our digital age, miscommunications in emails are an all-too-common occurrence. How can you avoid making mistakes that may have significant consequences for your organization?

As a national leader in providing virtual accounting and bookkeeping services, Supporting Strategies knows a lot about communicating effectively when working remotely. Here are some tips on how you can do the same.

  • Polish your writing skills. Whatever industry you're in, writing skills will help. For example, any accountant can do numbers. But not every accountant can tell you the story behind the numbers. Good writing skills will come in handy when writing a summary to go along with your monthly reports.
  • Don't rely on email exclusively. Even good writers run into problems at times when using email because it's tone-deaf. Take a simple two-word reply like "Got it." What does that mean? Is your client simply acknowledging that they received your email? Or are they too busy to review and answer questions? When in doubt, pick up the phone immediately. It's a simple way to resolve any misunderstandings.
  • Schedule regular meetings. Be sure to check in with your clients by phone or videoconference periodically. That's the best way to ferret out key pieces of information that would otherwise have fallen through the cracks. It often works best to schedule recurring meetings in advance so both parties are available and prepared to get right down to business at the scheduled time, reducing the need for inefficient back-and-forth correspondence between meetings. It also helps to maintain a shared "open items" list so everyone is on the same page with any pending items between meetings.
  • Listen. This might be the most important communications skill of all — and it requires no special training, no software and no advanced degree. All you need is a willingness to hear what your client has to say. And you can do that no matter where you're working.

Here at Supporting Strategies, being proactive in our communication is part of the package. After all, just because we work remotely doesn't mean we're out of touch.

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Laura Conner

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