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Reach Your Nonprofit's Goals With Bookkeeping Talent


Reach Your Nonprofit's Goals With Bookkeeping Talent


Talented bookkeeper working at her deskFor a nonprofit director, a budget is a blueprint, not a limitation. Once you realize this, you can drive your organization forward in ways you never dreamed possible. To get the absolute most out of your budget, however, you must find a bookkeeper with the proper combination of talent and expertise.

Nonprofit bookkeeping poses unique challenges, starting with IRS Form 990. At a minimum, you need a bookkeeper who is thoroughly familiar with the government's many nonprofit compliance requirements involving contributions and grants. Some grants carry specific classification guidelines that require tracking and categorizing expenses to a granular level rarely seen in the private sector.

There's no doubt that nonprofit bookkeeping can be intimidating. So, if nothing else, landing top talent will bring you peace of mind. You'll be free to focus on your organization's long-range goals without worrying that you or someone on your staff may inadvertently do something to jeopardize your tax-exempt status. You'll also feel more confident preparing for board meetings, knowing all your financial ducks are in a row.

Get More for Your Money
Beyond keeping your organization in compliance with government requirements and assuring board members and donors that their funds are in good hands, an experienced nonprofit bookkeeper can streamline processes and trim excess expenses, saving both time and money.

This includes using the latest software and cloud accounting tools to provide greater transparency, internal controls and continuity through turnover among staffers and board members. The right bookkeeping system can also help keep financial information out of sight of volunteer staff. In addition, team-based workflow establishes checks and balances and minimizes the risks inherent when one person handles too many of the bookkeeping tasks.

Gain New Financial Insight With Nonprofit Bookkeeping
A good bookkeeper will help your organization run more smoothly. A great one will help you take your organization to the next level.

With processes in place and the numbers in order, you can focus your energy on achieving goals that might previously have seemed beyond your reach. The right bookkeeper can give you new insights into which donor campaigns are most effective and which are too costly, for instance. They could also take a deep dive into your cash flow to see if you have the budget to hire a new staff member or fund an innovative social media strategy.

Basically, once you have a firm understanding of your organization's financial picture in real time, you'll have a much clearer idea of how to get the most from every available dollar.

Rediscover Your Mission
If your experience as a nonprofit director is typical, it's gone something like this: You joined the organization with ambitious goals but have had a hard time pursuing them because the day-to-day operating requirements can be overwhelming at times.

Many of those operating requirements involve finances in one way or another. An expert nonprofit bookkeeper can help you overcome the many distractions — meeting compliance requirements, preparing financial presentations, establishing proper internal controls — and allow you to reignite the passion that called you to nonprofit work in the first place.

When you started out, you were on a mission. You can still accomplish that mission if you assemble the right team — including a bookkeeper with expertise in nonprofit bookkeeping.

Dana DeZiel


Dana DeZiel

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