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Start-ups Attracted by More Than Just


Start-ups Attracted by More Than Just "Southern Charm" in the South


BStricklandWhen you think about the South you might think about the great food, the friendly people or the accents. But did you know that Southern cities are quickly getting a new association as a great place for scalable start-up businesses? Charleston, South Carolina is a perfect example of this new Southern business climate. According to's blog, Charleston’s combination of affordable opportunities and friendly business atmosphere is what has attracted the likes of “Boeing, Mercedes, Volvo and Google.”

As a provider of accounting services, I like to keep my eye on trends in the business world. It’s impossible not to notice that certain southern cities are quickly becoming Meccas for start-ups, especially in the tech sector. Because my work deals specifically with accounting services, I can immediately spot a few reasons for this shift: one being that the South is more affordable and has business-friendly tax laws in many of its states. But the article on highlights other pulls as well.

The article highlights some of the special cultural attributes of Charleston. For one, it is a city that seems to understand inherently that businesses are about people. “In the South, hospitality and customer service aren’t classes taught by human resources, they are bonafide traditions.” This can be the ideal setting for a business that views the welfare of its employees and their work-life balance as crucial both to the employees themselves and to the business.

But as the tech industry benefits from Charleston’s people-centric approach, increasingly people are benefitting from the city’s tech-centric approach. The people, the culture and business-friendly tax structures may have been the initial draw for these big businesses, but now there is a growing tech sector in the South that is providing its own kind of draw for the city. Cities like Charleston, Austin, and Raleigh have experienced huge growth in the tech sector in the last decade.

If you’re looking to move your business, or looking for the right place to start your business, consider the south. Talk it over with some other southern business owners as well as your accounting services professionals. Don’t let those delicious Waffle House restaurants that dot the highways in the South make the decision for you, but don’t write them off too quickly either.

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Brad Stickland


Brad Stickland

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