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Why You Should Use Tallie, & QuickBooks Online Together


Why You Should Use Tallie, & QuickBooks Online Together


Posted By: Leslie Jorgensen

If you read our recent e-book, "What You Need to Know About Cloud Accounting," you might have noticed that Tallie, and QuickBooks Online made our list of great cloud software. But did you know that these three products work great together as a team? We have several clients that are using all 3 tools and have them all working together, which has made the processing of employee expense reimbursements highly automated. Employees are able to get their reimbursement faster, and the information is accurately passed into QuickBooks. Using the approval functionality in these systems ensures proper controls in the process as well.


Tallie recently devoted a blog post to the beauty of "Tallie, and QuickBook Online's cloud accounting ecosystem." Among the key benefits: seamless integration across all three products and robust functionality on mobile devices.


For more details, check out "The Dream Team: 5 Reasons Tallie + + QuickBooks Online is the Cloud Accounting Solution for You."

Gina Sabelli


Gina Sabelli

Gina is a Marketing Associate at Supporting Strategies.

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