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They've Redesigned Clio — and It Works Great with QBO


They've Redesigned Clio — and It Works Great with QBO


Data Integration on Blueprint of Cogs. Technical Drawing Style. 3d illustration with Glow Effect..jpegAt Supporting Strategies, we're always on the lookout for industry-specific software integrations that can improve bookkeeping efficiency. Clio, which is designed for the legal profession, is a great example.

A New State of the Art
If your law firm isn't already using the cloud, you need to make the switch now — particularly if you have a startup or a small independent outfit. My colleague Pete Denholm already made a case for the cloud, with an airtight argument that would make any lawyer proud. So rather than relitigate that topic, I'm going to focus solely on the advantages of Clio.

Why Clio? "If you are shopping for law practice management software for your firm," noted in a five-star review, "Clio should be on your short list of options to test."

With good reason. First released in 2008, Clio was given a complete makeover in 2017. The improvements were wide-ranging, but the one that resonates most with me is this: Syncing with QuickBooks Online is now faster than ever. According to, users will also "have the ability to sync amounts in trust made especially for lawyers."

If you don't grasp the significance of that last feature, read a post by my colleague Jane Lvovskiy on the consequences of inappropriate use of trust account funds.

Totally in Sync
QBO is just as bullish on Clio as Clio is on QBO, noting that the redesigned version of Clio offers enhanced mobility that enables lawyers to more easily track their time remotely (e.g. from the courthouse) as well as Clio Payments, an online credit card processor.

I could cite additional benefits of integrating Clio and QBO, but let's get right to the bottom line. The QuickBooks App Store sums it up perfectly: "Less manual work, more billable hours."

Jeff Orchard


Jeff Orchard

Jeff Orchard is managing director of Supporting Strategies | Tampa Bay.

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