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8 Time- & Money-Saving Technology Tips for Small Businesses

January 11, 2018 / by Indy Zakaryte posted in Small Business Advice, Northern Virginia, Bookkeeping Services, Tool Tips, Business Advice


Note: This blog first appeared in the Arlington Chamber of Commerce Blog.

In managing your small business, you're always looking for ways to boost efficiency, reduce costs, increase profitability and improve performance. The right software solutions can allow you to do all of that and more.

At Supporting Strategies, we often steer clients toward software and other technology solutions that help them run their business better. Here are eight examples. 

1) QuickBooks Online
Remember the huge improvement you gained in efficiency by switching from paper-based bookkeeping to QuickBooks for your desktop? (And if you're still using paper-based bookkeeping, we really need to talk.) Well, as Georgean Schmidt, Managing Director of Supporting Strategies | Central Ohio, noted in a recent blog, the upgrade from the desktop version of QuickBooks to QuickBooks Online (QBO) can be just as dramatic.

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Supporting Strategies Selects Tallie as Preferred Expense Reporting Tool

February 19, 2016 / by Leslie Jorgensen posted in Tool Tips


We at Supporting Strategies like to keep our clients on the cutting edge of cloud accounting tools  Tallie is a great example of such a tool, as it allows our clients' employees to efficiently report their expenses, seamlessly integrates with the business' accounting systems, and provides instant collaboration between the employees, their managers, and with us, the business' outsourced accounting services team.  For these reasons, we have recently selected Tallie as our preferred expense reporting option for our clients.  

Expensing reporting can obviously be a pain.  Many know the heartache of not being able to find a receipt or flat out procrastinating an expense report until it’s forgotten or simply too late to submit.  Luckily, with Tallie, the expense reporting process is made simple and painless.  By using the app you can snap photos of receipts on the go, directly import credit card transactions, track mileage and submit expense reports directly for approval and processing.  Tallie's solution is a win-win-win as it allows ease of use and real-time data access for business' employees, their managers, and their accounting services team.  We are excited to add Tallie to our cloud accounting tools toolkit!

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Bookkeeping Services 101 | Using QuickBooks Online For Inventory Management

February 9, 2016 / by John Gleason posted in Metrowest, MA, North Shore, Bookkeeping Services, Tool Tips


If you have an inventory intensive business, managing your inventory can become a major component of managing your business’ finances. It’s no surprise that many business owners turn to their bookkeeping services provider for guidance in this area.

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