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What to Consider When Hiring A Bookkeeping Services Provider


What to Consider When Hiring A Bookkeeping Services Provider


Jeff-Orchard-for-web-2.jpgHere’s some advice from a bookkeeping services provider on what to look for when hiring a bookkeeping services provider.

1. Understand who not to hire
Don’t go for the absolute cheapest option (think about the old adage you get what you pay for). Don’t choose your cousin over someone qualified. Don’t put all financial control of your business in the hands of one person (checks and balances are always a good thing, and some peer reviewing never hurt either), and don’t just do it yourself if it's really not your forte. A good bookkeeping services provider adds value to your business, after all, so it’s worth it to find the right people for the job. Now that you know the don’ts of choosing a bookkeeper, you’re ready to learn the do’s:

2. Know What You’re Looking For

Figure out what kind of bookkeeping services set-up works best for you. A complicated manufacturing business might decide that it’s worth it to have an in-house dedicated accounting team, while other businesses may discover that it’s more cost efficient to outsource this operation, as this is an easily scalable and reliable way to get your books into good hands. The great news is that with the plethora of affordable cloud-based accounting tools available across most industries, the outsourced option now makes sense for most businesses, at incredible cost and efficiency savings.

3. Make Sure They’re Using Current Technology

Don’t go for the guy in a green visor sitting at an old-timey tabulating machine. Your bookkeeping services provider should not only be up-to-date on all new accounting technologies but should be enthusiastic about them. When checking out different bookkeepers, ask about their methods and how they put technology to use. Old school methods may be fine for some, but the new technologies tend to save you money by saving time, increasing accuracy, and delivering more value overall. Make sure that your bookkeeping services provider is on the cutting edge when it comes to accounting technology tools.

4. Make the Best Selection at the Right Price

You want to make sure you are working with experts. Your bookkeeping services provider is a vital financial advisor for your business. They will be managing an integral part of your business' operation so you want to know that the bookkeeping services team you select is properly educated and experienced. The right bookkeeping services team that provides you with accurate and timely financial information to help you make better business decisions will pay for themselves, as they will allow you to control expenses and see opportunities to increase revenue. As mentioned above, this is not an area to look for the lowest cost provider. You are looking for the best provider that can provide you the most value within your business' budget.

5. Check References

When I speak with a prospective client, I typically provide them with references from my other clients that they can speak with to assist them in their decision-making process. In evaluating different bookkeeping services providers, talk to a few reference clients and ask them about the areas above to see who might be the best fit for your unique business and needs.

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Jeff Orchard

Jeff Orchard is managing director of Supporting Strategies | Tampa Bay.

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