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What’s the Value of a Happy Customer?

April 12, 2016 / by Steve Schultz

Steve-Shultz-for-web.jpgThey say that a satisfied customer tells one or two people about their experience while an unhappy customer tells ten.  It’s no surprise – we all know that a bad consumer experience can stick with you.  And while I believe it’s true that an unhappy customer will be more vocal than a satisfied customer – I have a feeling that a very happy customer might be the most vocal of all.  

I personally love to give a good review.  A great new restaurant opens up and I’ll tell everyone I know.  A movie wows me and I don’t stop talking about it for a week.  I know I’m not alone in this.  People love to pass on an exceptional review – this means both exceptionally good and exceptionally bad.  The clients who leave unhappy might drag your name through the mud around town – but the ones who leave happy will be the best advertising you can get.  

So what’s the value of a happy client?  Your bookkeeping services team may not be able to put an exact dollar value on a satisfied client, but we know that a happy customer is more likely to be loyal, to stay with you for a long time, and to recommend your business to friends, family and associates.  

Considering this – you should work hard to keep your clients happy and do anything within your power to mitigate their concerns as they arise.  That said – concerns will arise.  But don’t despair.  A customer who comes to you dissatisfied with some aspect of their experience or the service they received is not a lost cause.  If you meet their concerns with sympathy, openness, and respect – this dissatisfied customer can become your most ardent supporter.

After all, a dissatisfied customer whom you were able to make into a satisfied customer might be your most vocal advertiser of all.  Great business leaders understand this and focus on these two things: how to keep the happy clients happy and how to respond efficiently to the concerns of the unhappy clients.  You should be as methodical about these aspects of your business as you are about your bookkeeping services or your staffing: create a team responsible for addressing client experience and make sure that everyone is on the same page about the proper process for addressing concerns and complaints.

As a professional in the bookkeeping services industry – I recommend checking in on your clients actively and regularly – the same way we advise businesses to do with their books.  Rather than waiting for them to come to you, actively solicit client feedback and dialogue.  This will allow you to make great use of your clients and strengthen the way you do things – but it will also make your clients know that their needs are important.

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Steve Schultz

Written by Steve Schultz