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Why Client Delight Is Critical to Your Business

July 19, 2018 / by Erica Mitchell

This is the first article in our three-part series on Client Delight.

Customer Delight

Client Delight is all about exceeding client/customer expectations and fostering long-term relationships. When done well, this strategy can boost referrals, increase revenue and set your business apart. HubSpot pushes the concept even further, making the case that client delight is about pleasing not just existing clients, but also potential ones, at every opportunity and brand interaction.

Focusing on Client Delight is much more than the marketing trend of the moment. In fact, mastering Client Delight might make the difference between seeing your business fade or flourish. We even have the data to prove it. Research shows:

  • It's 50% easier to retain an existing client or customer than it is to attain a new one.
  • It costs between five and 30 times more to attain a new client or customer than to retain one.

Those numbers make a compelling case that ignoring Client Delight can do significant damage to your company and its brand.

Social Media Complicates Client Delight
In the past, businesses largely controlled the messaging about their products through carefully cultivated advertising campaigns. But with the advent of social media and online reviews, the Mad Men days of advertising are long gone.

The fact is, today's customers are driving the conversation about your brand. Social media platforms such as Facebook and review tools such as Yelp and Google reviews leave customers feeling empowered — and entitled — to affect the success of your business. As a result, client satisfaction has never been more important to attracting and retaining customers. And a single misstep can resonate in the online echo chamber indefinitely, harming your reputation for years to come.

On the upside, social media also presents you with the opportunity to join that discussion. You might not be able to script the conversation, but you can certainly make your voice heard.

Leveraging social media through thoughtful, active engagement on every relevant platform is essential to your business's success. That requires developing a social media-savvy marketing strategy that delegates online engagement to staff who understand the power of the platform — and even take delight in it. Be sure your business doesn't miss out.

Next week, we'll look at the many tools at your disposal for measuring Client Delight.

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Erica Mitchell

Written by Erica Mitchell

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