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Chaim Book

Moskowitz & Book, LLP

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Chaim Book is a founding partner of the law firm of Moskowitz & Book. Chaim focuses on employment law, where he represents executives and small to mid-sized employers. On behalf of clients, he has negotiated employment agreements, severance packages and employment disputes. Chaim also has experience in litigation, arbitration and mediation regarding employment discrimination and harassment. The cases include (i) gender, race, age, religious, disability, and national origin discrimination; (ii) sexual and other harassment; (iii) breach of non-competes; and (iv) wages and hours disputes.

Chaim regularly counsels emerging businesses regarding compliance with federal, state and local labor and employment laws.

About Moskowitz & Book, LLP

Moskowitz & Book, LLP concentrates in the following areas of law, including Labor and Employment, Contracts, Criminal Defense, Corporate Investigations and Commercial law, representing executives and businesses in negotiations, drafting legal documents, lawsuits, mediations and arbitrations, and before federal and state regulatory authorities. The firm also serves as outside “general counsel” to numerous highly successful businesses. We advise our clients regarding legal rights and compliance. We represent executives and assist in negotiating employment agreements, severance packages and assisting in investigations. We pride ourselves on coming up with practical solutions and on billing our clients fairly.

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