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John Sadowski

Metro Valley Advertising

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John Sadowski is a 27-year veteran of the advertising business. John spent the first 13 years of his career selling print, cable, radio and outdoor media. During this time, John worked for media giants such as CBS, Clear Channel and Time Warner. In 2002 he moved to the agency side where he focused on digital and online advertising and became a master at SEM and more.

John lives in Suffern, NY with his wife Julie and son Mike (his daughter Alix lives in NYC). In his free time he enjoys skiing and BBQ’ing. (Yes, John has a smoker but no, he does not play the banjo).

About Metro Valley Advertising

Metro Valley is an Advertising Agency with a particular focus in Lead Generation. Because of our experience selling advertising as well as creating it, we are uniquely positioned to guide our clients using best practices to maximize their Return on Investment. We start with a holistic approach to whom the advertiser is and what goals they want to achieve and develop a plan of action. Once the advertising is put in motion, we review results regularly with our clients and adjust the marketing plan based on the data to constantly improve results. At Metro Valley we Strategize, Advertise and then Optimize.

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