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Daniel Pincus

World Golf Network


Daniel Pincus

With over 25 years of business development and management experience, Daniel Pincus, founder and CEO of World Golf Network, has left his own unique footprint in the business world. Dedicated to preserving authenticity within the corporate realm, Dan understands the true power of high-level relationships and the vast opportunities that they hold. He redefines to us how we should be looking at networking, rather than how it is commonly perceived. As we all should know- time is money, and with the right connections, we could be making a lot more. In creating an organization fixed towards the pinnacle of every business, Dan’s insights are unmatched regarding the collective keys to success to any company.


World Golf Network is an executive relationship building organization serving business owners, senior executives, and key decision makers of companies within the NY/NJ Metro area. Professionals are given the tools and resources to forge authentic connections in a social atmosphere.

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World Golf Network

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