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David Adelman

OCD Media



David Adelman has been focused on helping marketer’s get superior results from their advertising investments for over 30 years. He has worked on some of the most recognizable brands in a variety of categories.

David founded OCD Media, an independent media services company for marketers with modest budgets seeking a fresh and objective approach to media strategy and media buying. David knows that the real value of any plan lies as much in the execution as it does in the concept.

Prior to founding OCD Media, David held key media management positions at several major advertising agency and media service organizations, including Initiative Media, TN Media, DMB&B/MediaVest, McCann-Erickson and Saatchi & Saatchi.

David is a frequent guest lecturer on Marketing, Consumer Behavior and Organizational Management at a number of NY universities. His thought pieces are frequently published in key industry trade journals and he has appeared on numerous industry panels and conferences as moderator or keynote speaker.

David is also Vice Chairman for the BPA, an independent advertising industry watchdog group that audits and validates audience claims. He also is a volunteer SAT Prep tutor for High School students in The Bronx.

David was honored in 2013 by the media industry with a Sweet 16 award for Magazine Brand Leadership.


Specializing in integrated media expertise for consumer products, healthcare, and agencies, OCD is a paid media agency that starts with research and strategy, translates marketing science into planning, and executes media buys.

The efficacy of media planning and buying hinges on strategy, whether it be for CPG digital marketing (new-to-market or resurrected brands), financial services, technology or entertainment.

Understanding where your audience lives, scrolls, listens, reads and watches is paramount to driving sales.

We created a media agency that understands brands with unique situations. Brands that are competing with deeper pocketed competitors, brands with very specific potential buyers, brands that don’t appeal to everyone. We call them the Underdogs and Unicorns. They need to be smarter about media strategy, need to make sure every dollar is invested wisely and works harder for them. This doesn’t mean buy the lowest priced media, because cheap media that doesn’t work is the most wasteful spend you can make.

Our entire strategic premise is built on being smarter holistically. We ask a lot of questions rather than walk in with pre-existing notions. As an integrated agency we can impact your success both today and tomorrow. Other smaller agencies focus on one media type (ie. TV, Radio, Digital, Outdoor, etc) and are ill-equipped to understand and therefore develop holistic multi-media platforms. We excel at it, because we are truly experts at all media forms and communication platforms.

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