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Caren Sgarlato

Fortis Lux Financial

about Caren

Caren Sgarlato was born and raised in Dyker Heights, Brooklyn.  She has been in the financial services industry for over 23 years.  While completing her bachelor’s degree at New York University, Caren started her career at Bankers Trust on the fixed income trading floor managing the bank’s billion-dollar portfolio.   Being downsized in 1991 she pursued medicine as an alternative career which led her to become an EMT and Paramedic.  She has been managing assets for the past 18 years at such firms as Merrill Lynch, Wachovia, MetLife and is currently a Financial Services Representative at Fortis Lux Financial an office of MassMutual, working with high net worth individuals and small businesses helping them to protect assets and create legacies. 

She is a member of the local BNI chapter of Bay Ridge where she has served as President and Treasurer.  She is active in the community of Bay Ridge and has done voluntary work with the American Cancer Society’s Brooklyn Chapter and served on the junior board as well.  For the past 4 years, she has been the recipient of The Five Star Wealth Manager Award for the outstanding service amongst her peers in the industry. 

In her downtime, Caren enjoys cooking and being adventurous with new recipes.  She also enjoys spin cycling, golfing and travels.

About Fortis Lux Financial

We are Goal-Based Financial Planners
We believe investment decisions are best made in context of a greater purpose. Your wealth is a tool to help you achieve meaningful goals, such as retirement security, educating your children, or passing wealth to the next generation. We position your investment strategy carefully around those goals, bringing greater meaning to the performance of your financial strategies.

We are Long-Term Investors
We believe that keeping assets invested through full market cycles is crucial to superior investment performance. Most investment strategies have life cycles much greater than the typical market fluctuation. Our focus on fundamentals over a 3-5 year time frame brings much greater clarity than watching the dramatized headlines and daily fluctuations of narrow indices.

We are Confident and Patient Investors
Hasty, emotional decisions are sometimes confused with good instincts, but rarely yield the same results. Our research process brings great conviction to our investment choices; that conviction guides us through both calm and turbulent times with equal strength and resolve.

We are Value Investors
We believe fundamental value drives long term returns, and we focus on valuation, earnings, and growth to measure investment opportunities. We are not market-timers or day-traders, and are careful not to let emotional decisions alter well-planned strategies. We rely on traditional principles to keep us on track, making gradual adjustments to our portfolios throughout market cycles to take advantage of opportunities in valuations and mispriced risk.

We Focus on Net Returns
Taxes and Fees can diminish returns over time, so we seek out low-cost and tax-efficient investments to implement our strategies. We evaluate managers based on their net returns so we can judge how they have performed, relative to their peers and indices, net of management fees. We blend many kinds of investments into maximum-efficiency portfolios without bias towards any one type, allowing us to seek out opportunity wherever it presents itself.

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