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Irene Nikhamov


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Having formal education in Mechanical Engineering and Physics, with an extensive background in Business Administration, Human Resources, executive recruiting, and e-Commerce website development, Irene Nikhamov, CEO and Founder of Select POP, brings a myriad of dynamic skills to any table – all of which play an important role. Between overseeing multiple areas of practice within her current role as an entrepreneur, she exemplifies the position of a hands-on executive, setting a level of precedence amongst the workforce. Her passion lies in understanding how companies utilize all technical resources to position themselves ahead of their competition. Thinking "out-of-the-box" and possessing a top tier level of creative strategy, Irene can analyze how companies strategize their production and conceptualize how technology can help achieve goals, while streamlining the processes to get there.

About SelectPop

SelectPop seeks to create and promote unique approach of pre-screening and time saving in selecting ideal job candidates for SMALL BUSINESSES; a chance at many interviews that are now affordable to “travel to” for PEOPLE in need of a change; and for EMPLOYEES to be proud of.Our business idea supports this mission by offering specific, well designed tool at a low fee that as many companies as possible will be able to afford it.

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