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Jeannie Jackson

Strategies for Wealth

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As an independent agent with 25 years of experience, my specialty lies in consulting business owners on their healthcare needs and group benefits. In this day and age with soaring healthcare costs, my goal is to provide the most cost effective and enhanced employee benefit programs as a means to retain and attract employees. At renewal time I will help you negotiate premium increases and provide extensive alternatives to keep your benefit plan within your needs and budget. Our corporate clients include some of the best known names in the legal industry, the garment district to Wall Street, Internationally as well as locally.

About Strategies for Wealth

Companies are constantly looking for ways to attract, retain & reward Employees. We seek to provide a superior client experience through consultation, education & execution. Corporations partner with us because of our commitment to design benefits that enrich their current offerings. Providing an employee benefit package that includes quality, affordable health care coverage continues to be one of the greatest challenges for today’s employers. In addition we help business with a succession plan so they can someday transfer their business interest to a family member or key employees in a structured and tax favorable manner.

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