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Raphael Mavi

Unplugged Influence

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Raphael Mavi is the Founder and CEO of Unplugged Influence, Inc. A consulting and training company that specialized in Leadership Development and growth Strategies. Hi spent 11 years in sales and built a sales team of over 7,000. He was also the principal of two companies employing over 200 employees based in NYC. Raphael Mavi emigrated from former USSR in 1991 and grew up in Queens, NY. He went to Forest Hills High School and attended Queens borough Community College. In 2005 he left Montefiore Hospital, where he spent five years working as a Network Specialist, to pursue his career in Entrepreneurship.

About Unplugged Influence

Unplugged Influence is a consulting and training company specializing in leadership development and growth strategies.
We work with small to medium size businesses that understand the value of personal and professional development of their employees to create a thriving and healthy work culture.
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