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Beckie Hayes

Merchab Consulting Group

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Beckie Hayes is the founder of Merchab Consulting Group, Inc. and is passionate about helping business owners get more of what they want from their businesses. She served as the Integrator of Per Se Group, Inc., where she was responsible for harmoniously integrating the major functions of the business servicing the energy sector that grew from $6M to $25M in revenue. Beckie has spent the majority of her life in entrepreneurial businesses which has included her father running a business from their house throughout most of her childhood, as well as, serving in a leadership position at a technology startup.

About Merchab Consulting Group

Merchab Consulting Group specializes in working with growth oriented leadership teams of privately held businesses to get more of what they want from their businesses. Business owners we are working with are often feeling:
  • Frustrated with their team spinning their wheels and not being focused on their vision.
  • Concerned about the lack of discipline and accountability in their organizations.
  • Disturbed by their leaders not working together as a healthy, functional, and cohesive team.
Merchab facilitates resolution to these common frustrations by helping to implement a complete proven system called EOS® (the Entrepreneurial Operating System®), which incorporates practical, immediately usable tools.

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