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Greg Heubner


about Greg

President of Forte’ Growth and VP / Sr. Instructor of The COSi Institute.
Greg has a solid record of resourceful, innovative, top and bottom-line management expertise. His career accomplishments feature both new products and business turnarounds including multimillion dollar licensing deals, new products cumulatively earning over $100 million in their first year. He has lead significant turnarounds at a diverse range of companies including food products, juice drinks, steel foundries, steel fabricators, construction contractors, parts manufacturers, deregulated energy, ceramic pottery, professional services and a psychiatric clinic.

About The COSI Institute

COSi, is a training and coaching program - not a consultant. We empower employees to find and solve profit draining problems. Management and employees participate and implement practical, real world business concepts & tools.
Traditional consultants typically work with top management and push recommendations down the organization. COSi moves responsibility down into the organization. Through action teams, employees identify and solve problems that inhibit profitability. This achieves four important benefits….
  1. Rapid, High quality solutions
  2. Buy-in from employees 
  3. Improved accountability 
  4. Improved morale
The result: increased productivity, profitability – in short a high performance company.
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