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Mary Erlain

Peak Development

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Mary Erlain is a business coach and consultant. She has published 4 books and is a sought-after speaker and facilitator. She works with owners to identify the core of the issues that stand in the way of growth in companies. Two of Erlain’s books focus on generational diversity. Empowering the Multi-Generational Workforce is a challenge in most organizations. She brings her knowledge and expertise in this area to any of the services she offers. Peak Development Strategies was founded in 2007 by Mary. “Connecting the dots and removing barriers!” ™ truly conveys the company’s mission in helping business owners and their employees.

About Peak Development

Peak Development Strategies was founded over 10 years ago by Mary Erlain. We look at your organization and culture from the enterprise perspective. Typically, we evaluate everything from the company’s organizational structure to individual management responsibilities.
Our services include:
  • Cultural/Organizational Assessments & Planning
  • Peer Support Groups
  • Coaching
  • Targeted Recruiting
It is crucial that businesses create both an effective forward-looking strategy and a values and goals focused culture. We work with startup business owners who may be overwhelmed with juggling clients, operations, and employees to established business owners who get stuck in a rut and the business is suffering from lack of growth, employee turnover, and reduced profitability / productivity.
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