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Brent Hamachek


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Brent Hamachek is consultant to privately owned companies and a professional speaker and writer who has been featured at numerous business events, business conferences, and academic conferences. He spoke at the United Nations in 2018 on men and women in the workplace. In 2016 he co-authored a book with TPUSA founder Charlie Kirk entitled, “Time for a Turning Point-Setting a course toward free markets and limited government for future generations.” His words have been used in a successful Presidential campaign.

Brent co-hosts a weekly YouTube video broadcast, “Tamara Leigh’s Trend On, Featuring Brent Hamachek,” addressing contemporary issues in America.

About Segueway

Segueway was formed in early 2000 and since then has worked on over 170 engagements in 70 different industries. Segueway helps with privately owned companies, in multiple areas of need and in all stages of the business life cycle. Areas of expertise include sales, negotiation strategies, turnarounds, and general business assessments. Segueway provides hands-on interim C-Suite assistance including stepping into the roles of CEO, CFO, and head of Sales & Business Development. Segueway helps privately owned businesses obtain the funding required for growth and success.

Segueway also serves as a general advisor to small businesses on a small, fixed-fee basis.

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