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Patrick Sheehan

IRS Trouble Solvers



Patrick T. Sheehan is a former Special Assistant United States Attorney with the Internal Revenue Service, Office of Chief Counsel.  He litigated extensively in Federal Court including the United States Tax Court.  While at the IRS, Mr. Sheehan also worked in the Offer-in-Compromise program.  Mr. Sheehan formerly taught at Loyola University Chicago School of Law, Illinois, and served as the Director of the Loyola Student Federal Tax Clinic from 1991 to 1999.

His law practice focuses exclusively on the resolution of federal and state tax disputes with the IRS and the Illinois Department of Revenue.  Mr. Sheehan has extensive experience in IRS and IDR collection matters including payment plans, wage levies, bank levies, tax liens, business taxes, Offers-in-Compromise, and home and business seizures.  He has over 30 years of experience in assisting individuals and businesses with their tax problems.

Mr. Sheehan is a published author and speaker. He is co-founder of the charity Hops for Humanity.


The IRS Trouble Solvers team has decades of experience in helping everyday people like yourself permanently resolve their tax debt problems. Whether it is a personal or business tax problem, the professionals at IRS Trouble Solvers creates clear paths for our clients to achieve financial freedom and get the IRS out of there lives forever! We have been helping individuals and businesses since 1991.

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