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Warren Quinn

Humans at Work



Warren Quinn believes that everyone should find fulfillment in their work. He works with owners and executives to help them get clear on what that means to them personally, then cascade a fulfillment culture throughout the organization, resulting in higher productivity, loyalty, and profitability. As the CEO of HUMANS AT WORK, Warren provides private executive advisory, leadership and organization development consulting, and INSIGHT Leadership Group facilitation. He is the Executive Director of the American Subcontractors Association (ASA) of Baltimore, and is a Certified Practitioner for The Leadership Circle 360 Profile™. As a speaker, his mission is to help others understand how positive human relationships in the work environment contribute to business success.

After starting his career in the landscape construction trade following his undergraduate work in Political Science at Hampden-Sydney College, Warren received his Doctor of Law (JD) degree from Emory University and practiced general corporate law for several years. He then spent 18 years at the American Nursery & Landscape Association learning non-profit best practices from his mentors and peers in the association executive profession. While with ANLA, he led the development and delivery of elite education and business services to over 1,700 closely-held companies and mentored the leadership development of the CEOs, presidents, and owners of those firms. Starting in 2013, when ANLA merged with another organization and moved its headquarters to Ohio, Mr. Quinn began his executive leadership coaching practice, including two years as a Vistage Chair.


OUR PURPOSE is to benefit the families of everyone affiliated with the firms who join us on the journey to discover how business can bring JOY to our lives.
WE BELIEVE that people are more productive over the long term when they are personally fulfilled in their work, which requires the business to have a clear purpose and a culture that supports positive human interactions.
OUR MISSION is to develop courageous, authentic leaders who grow companies and grow companies that develop courageous, authentic leaders.
OUR CORE CLIENT is a business owner who realizes that he/she needs help to build the company so that it will thrive without them involved in daily operations. In other words, the owner has engaged in sufficient self-reflection to understand that he/she has to learn new things and change habits if he/she is going to achieve their personal and business goals.
Many of our clients are active owners who want to assure that the company continues to provide for employees and their families when the owner transitions from day-to-day business activities and responsibilities – a very difficult process. In that context, our goal is to develop and grow a sustainable business and help the business owner clarify and realize his or her hopes and dreams.

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