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Curt Kowalski

Team Network


Curt Kowalski

Before there was any such thing as formal business networking clubs, Curt founded the Team Network Corporation. Curt has been organizing and managing small business networking groups in Maryland, Virginia, and the Washington, D.C. Metro Area for more than 30 years.

Curt's knowledge and hands-on experience qualifies him as one of the leading experts and authorities on the social dynamics of small business networking.

Currently, along with the leadership in his organization, we manage 13 Team Networks with over 200 members. Team Network has a very good reputation and its own style and brand in the world of networking organizations. Within Team Network, each group is unique based on where they meet, how often, what times of day, format, etc.

Curt is known for his leadership abilities, motivational skills, enthusiastic attitude, and his ability to make things happen. Locals know him as the "go-to guy" for anyone looking for a referral of a quality local business in the Washington Metro Area, and he has also been praised by local Chambers of Commerce and other groups for his informative, practical, and immediately useful business networking seminars and workshops.


Team Network is made up of many individual networking groups in Maryland and Virginia. We are unique when compared to other referral networking organizations of this kind.

Team Network provides its members with a variety of networking options and opportunities, customized and targeted to:

  1. Help our members generate new revenue streams through referrals and personal introductions;
  2. Provide educational opportunities and new business resources so members can become more successful through the exchange of valuable information and ideas; and
  3. Help accelerate our members’ abilities to develop trusting, sincere, and mutually beneficial relationships (both professional and personal) with quality, like-minded businesspeople.

Team Network is different because we accomplish this mission with a brand that has a reputation of being more friendly by taking a more personal approach. Our variety of meeting formats create a notable spirit of camaraderie that is not found in other networking organizations. All this makes for a more valuable and enjoyable experience that still focuses on real results with a high return on investment.

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