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Eric Williamson

Tailored Training Solutions



Eric is a nationally recognized keynote speaker, expert training consultant, and author of the book, How to Work with Jerks: Getting Stuff Done with People You Can’t Stand. He is the President and CEO of Tailored Training Solutions who, for 20 years has helped organizations create an atmosphere where employees are acknowledged, valued, and developed into leaders.

Eric is often referred to as the “Connector” for his ability to make his message resonate with groups, or as “the Change maker” for his ability to bring out the best in people.

ABOUT Tailored Training Solutions

Who among us hasn’t been in conflict with others and wished we had better coping methods for dealing with it productively and with our sanity (and jobs!) intact? Let’s face it, conflict is unavoidable, and without a clear strategy for managing it, we inevitably suffer and risk failure on the job and in our careers.

Author, expert consultant, and keynote speaker Eric L. Williamson shares strategies for cultivating relationships and managing conflict in the workplace. His tailored programs will meet your specific needs and can be delivered in the form of a keynote or a workshop.

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