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David Alexander

High Achievers

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David’s vision is to help one million entrepreneurs embrace a lifestyle of high achievement. David accomplishes this by being the President and CEO of High Achievers, a global business coaching company. High Achievers team members, coaches, and franchisees have helped thousands of people achieve their personal and professional potential.

David is a bestselling author and has several books including Networking Like a Pro: Turning Contacts into Connections. He’s also a featured author of Roadmap to Success, along with Ken Blanchard and Stephen Covey, and Stepping Stones to Success with Jack Canfield.

David has years of experience and has led over 20 successful business ventures, including BNI where he won numerous awards including being inducted into the Hall of Fame and Platinum Club. David also co-founded or founded three organizations that have expanded globally. David is using this vast experience to help business owners reach the next level of success.

David is a sustainability-focused Tesla driving business leader that embraces a lifestyle of achievement and is passionate about helping others do so. David is a graduate of Western Carolina University. He currently resides with his awesome wife, Kimberly, in Marietta GA. He has two children, Christian and Peyton, and one goofy golden retriever. David’s interests are, traveling, triathlons, reading, working out, hiking, camping, cooking, wine and spending quality time with family and friends.

About High Achievers

High Achievers® is looking for coaches, consultants and other business leaders that have a passion for small business, who want to work with a team and fundamentally change the success of business owners in a very positive way. Your business coaching franchise opportunity will help you be a leader in the business coaching industry. You will also have the chance to make a significant impact on your local small business community by helping your clients understand what success means to them and how to take action to reach their goals.

Our franchisees will get access to two very innovative programs including our Catalyst Mastermind Group™ program and Nexpert Coaching™ program.

Franchisees and members have access to our large-scale faculty of coaches within our system to lift members businesses to the next level of success in a very impactful way. Using our technology forward approach we can run our mastermind program and coaching programs providing best of class value at an extremely competitive price.

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