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John Ela

Ela MAnagement Group

about John

After an early career in Strategic Planning, John became CEO of his first company while still in his twenties. With a focus on Leadership, by blending strategy and execution, he has moved between roles as CEO and consultant to improve a number of challenging situations. As the CEO of 5 firms, he has managed diverse challenges including corporate spin-offs, start-ups, family owned companies, turnarounds, and buyouts. He also teaches Entrepreneurship and Strategic Management at Paul College at UNH. John has a dual degree in Business Administration and Economics and a Masters in Economics from UNH, has numerous publications, and holds 7 patents. He founded the CEO Coaching and Management Consulting firm Ela Management Group.

About Ela Management Group

Ela Management Group is a consulting and CEO Coaching firm that works with owners and CEOs of businesses interested in improving performance of their people, process, and their results. We start with strategy, move to culture and process, and end with results. We are dedicated to helping our clients be more effective, in what they do and how they do it. On the consulting side we offer strategic planning, process improvement, and lead change efforts to develop and implement process, growth and development. Do you know a CEO facing changes that are frustrating them? Clients typically call when they are looking to make changes in themselves or their organizations. Often, this is when they need to find new ways to scale, develop exit strategies, get unstuck from a business plateau, re-think strategies or about how to better execute, innovate, or develop more effective leadership. When CEOs are feeling frustrated by resistance, or they are finding it just isn't fun anymore, they should talk to John.

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