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Star Dargin

Star Leadership

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Star incorporates over twenty years of proven corporate leadership experience into her successful coaching and speaking business.  She specializes in helping middle manager become confident leaders and achieve their professional goals. She delivers results with a direct bottom-line approach.

A key pillar of Star’s unique approach is from a place of gratitude by integrating apparent opposites into a synergistic whole. By relying on the power of the word “AND,” conditions that might be seen as in conflict can be opened and effectively combined. The result is a strong, rapport-building, innovative, and inclusive approach to team building and problem solving.  Her speaking style is engaging and thought producing on topics of:  leadership, project management, team building, and effective communication.

She is the author of many articles and the book, Leading with Gratitude:  21st Century Solutions to Boost Engagement and Innovation. The book is the topic of many of her keynotes and is focused at leaders wanting to improve productivity of themselves and their teams. Star has been twice nominated for Business Coach of the Year by the International Coaching Federation of New England (ICFNE).

About Star Leadership

Star Leadership offers coaching, training, and consulting services for businesses.  Our focus is mid-level managers and leaders, focusing on the delivery of measurable goals and results in the areas of communication, leadership, and teams.  We have over 20 experienced and certified coaches to meet your needs.  CEO, Star Dargin is an author and available to speak.  Her book is Leading with Gratitude: 21st Century Solutions to Boost Engagement and Innovation.

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