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Kerri Salls

Value Growth Results



Kerri Salls MBA< CVGA is a certified value growth advisor; the best-selling author of Multiply Your Business Value in 3 Steps and HARVEST Your Wealth; has written extensively on corporate value growth and hosts the 3X Value Growth podcast. She started her first business in 1988 and has gone on to launch and exit numerous others, taking two of them international. In that time, she’s built and managed small and large teams to deliver projects of $5-50 million. She’s an industry pioneer and speaks widely on value growth in the US middle market. Her 3X Value Growth™ system gives you a platform to accelerate growth, optimize operations and multiply the value of your business three-fold in just three years.


Lower middle market owners/CEOs often get stuck because they’ve built an income stream, but they haven’t built long-term business value. They need to identify and execute strategies to generate business wealth. Small and medium size businesses come to us to accelerate growth and optimize operations to maximize that corporate value, which is the foundation of their wealth in the business and beyond.

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