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Tom Carroll

Sandler Training 

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Tom Carroll trains high achieving salespeople, business owners in need of bringing in business, non-selling professionals that want to develop new business at the superstar level, and CEO's that are tired of a sales culture of mediocrity!

His clients come to him at Sandler Training Waukesha to find the highest and most effective levels of selling success. Not just sales technique - but behavioral changes that in the past have been roadblocks to reaching goals.

Sandler Training is the leader in non-traditional sales training and sales management training. For over 30 years Sandler's highly effective sales training methodology shows salespeople how to take charge of the sales process

Tom has been a speaker at local universities and presented workshops for companies at the national level. In his spare time, he collects wood sculptures, coaches youth basketball, and is involved in his community as a Special Olympics volunteer.

Craving more sales? His clients exceed their sales goals!

About Sandler Training

Our Trainers
Sandler trainers have already had highly successful careers as sales and management professionals, and now use the Sandler sales methodology in their mission to train and mentor others to be successful. Other companies employ trainers who may have never actually sold or managed.

Our Methodology
The Sandler sales methodology fosters an attitude of leadership, rather than just emphasizing technique. Reinforcement training facilitates the development of new and empowering behaviors, attitudes, and sales skills, mapping a unique road map to lasting success.

Our Global Network
Over 250 local training centers in major U.S. cities and more than 27 countries, plus materials translated into 20 languages, allow us to support our clients almost anywhere in the world, whether you're a small to mid-sized company or a large organization.

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