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Pam Provo

Provo Wealth MAnagement Group

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After spending 10 years in the corporate world of healthcare, Pam put her executive and relationship building skills to work when she joined the team at Provo Wealth Management Group (PWMG) as Executive Vice President of Business Development and Marketing in 2001. Pam has been instrumental in fostering relationships and focusing on client services in a changing market environment. With a Bachelor of Science degree in Family and Consumer Studies with a Gerontology minor, Pam is a passionate consumer advocate.

As a catalyst for real change, Pam now educates and motivates nonprofit organizations, individuals, and businesses to experience an epiphany around sustainability and social business. Much of the tenants of her work come from a strategic alliance with Muhammad Yunus, the Father of Microfinance and the only Economist to ever win the Nobel Peace Prize and also R. Paul Herman, author of "The HIP (Human Impact + Profit) Investor" Making Bigger Profits by Building a Better World.*

Outside of her worklife, Pam is involved with New England Center for Children (NECC) and is a National Spokesperson for the National Association of Moisture Management (NAMM), a group focused on improving indoor air quality for all. She also serves on the advisory board of The Yunus Social Business Centre at Becker College, which was recently named for the Provo Family. Also, as an artist she donates many of her paintings to charitable foundations each year.

Pam has been married for 24 years to Chris Provo, President and CEO of PWMG. They have a teenage son, Teddy, a student at Babson College.

About Provo Wealth Management Group

The Provo Wealth Management Group (PWMG) has built its business from the ground up by creating comprehensive, personalized financial management plans for its clients. One of the key principles by which the company operates is commitment to community and social responsibility. Focused on trust, accountability and client-centric practices, PWMG has earned a reputation as a responsible wealth management advisor and as a good corporate citizen.

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